An inspiring start…

What an inspiring start we have had to this Rotary year!

At the beginning of our meeting last Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of inducting Megan Watson into our club. Megan. Welcome! We look forward to getting to know Megan better as we all work together to make positive contributions to our Templestowe community.

Making positive contributions to the community was evident in the address given to us by Graeme Allen re the Black Rhinos.  Graeme and his community at the Dandenong Basketball Association worked with this group of disengaged youth to develop inclusivity, and to empower them via mentoring processes to be able to obtain a broader capacity of access to the Dandenong community.   Thank you, John, for organising this inspirational talk for the club.

If you haven’t yet read the latest “Rotary Down Under”, I wish to alert you to the article on pages 10-11 on Organisational membership where our club is recognised for our undertaking this membership initiative*.  At present we have three Corporate members.  This has not ‘just happened’.  Brian Tyedin has been working on developing this concept in the club for over twelve months.  Brian Negus has worked closely with Brian and will continue with the good work over the coming Rotary year.  Thank you to both Brians for moving our club forward with this membership initiative.

Sunday saw twelve members manning the BBQ at Bunnings in Eltham.  The weather was kind to us and the crews were kept busy keeping the sausages up to the demand.  Numerous trips were made to the supermarket to replenish meat and bread.  This event was the initiative of Kathy Monley and was followed through this Rotary year by Keith Anderson and willing helpers.  Thank you for the contributions you all made for success of this event.  We will have the financial report of this event on Wednesday.

This Wednesday we have our Club Assembly.  The directors of the various committees will outline their aspirations for the coming year.  This will be an informative evening for all our members, providing us all with the scaffolding we need to be a positive and effective presence in our community.

Be the Inspiration                                                                                         Theme 18-19
Yours in Rotary,

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*For our readers who do not receive the Rotary Down Under magazine, we have attached the article in this newsletter (or you can go to it now!)