Welcome to our new Rotary Year

Welcome everyone to the new Rotary Year.

The changeover dinner held last Saturday evening was a great success our club.

The four Presidents
The transition: (l to r) Bruce Evans, Keith Anderson, Dan Hession (Presidents for 2018 – 2019) and Janis McFarland (President for 2017-2018)

We had over sixty people join us at the Ben Nevis Room, at the Manningham Club,  to celebrate the achievements of the previous twelve months and to welcome in the new board for this year.  Firstly congratulations to Janis for her leadership in 2017/2018.  Each year has its joys and challenges and Janis steered the club admirably throughout the year. Next I would like to thank Janis, Graham, Brian and Michael for the ensuring the accomplishment of last Saturday evening.

Monday evening was the first Board Meeting for the year and we will be able to share information at our meeting on Wednesday.

At this Wednesday’s meeting we shall hear  the story of the Black Rhinos from Dandenong; the first of many interesting guest speakers that John has organised for this year.  Thanks John.

We shall also be inducting Megan Watson into our club on Wednesday.  What a great way to start a Rotary Year!  We look forward to her joining us and working with her as we all strive to be an inspiration in our club and within our community.

Lastly our first fund raiser for the year is coming up next Sunday, 15th July.  We will be running the Barbecue at Bunnings in Eltham.  We will be there from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon.  We will be running three shifts of three hours, with four members on each shift.  We need to finalise rosters on Wednesday.  Thankyou to those who have already notified me of their availability for the day.

Again welcome to our new year.  With everyone being an Inspiration to all others, we are ensured of a successful year.

Theme 18-19

Yours in Rotary,

Dan Hession