Message from our Club President (Jun 25)


Last Wednesday Actor Rachel Negus, daughter of club member Brian Negus, came to present to our club. They do say the best way to explain something is by ‘showing’ people and this is what Rachel did. We saw two Monologues where Rachel acted in a short one person ‘play’ for a couple of minutes. This was an amazing experience as she transported the whole room into her role.

Brian then ‘interviewed’ Rachel and asked her questions about her acting. She shared insights into her experiences as an actor and we are extremely grateful to Rachel for the time and trouble that she went to for our club. More information later in this newsletter. Thank you so much Rachel!

For the second week in a row we welcomed a new member back to our club. Ken Sharpe, who was previously with our club for over 14 years was re-inducted into our club and received a fantastic response. Welcome back Ken! We also have an application for  membership from another person and a further person has asked for an application form as well. Exciting times at the Rotary Club of Templestowe.

This coming Wednesday is the last meeting for this Rotary year and my last meeting as President of our club. Soon I will hand the baton on to PE Dan Hession who will keep the wonderful work of our club going into the future. This Wednesday, our meeting will be all about that future and the club’s plan is to review all its activities, establish which ones will go forward, and to work ‘smarter not harder’ in everything we do. All members input into these deliberations is vital. I have a strong feeling that 2018/19 is going to be a great year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Rotary Club of Templestowe for allowing me the honour of being your President for the last 12 months. I thank you all most sincerely for the wonderful support, friendship, kindness and consideration that you have extended to me during a year which has definitely had a few challenges, but also some great successes.

Yours in Rotary “Making a Difference”,

Janis McFarland
Club President