Message from our Club President (Jun 18)

We were treated to an extremely stimulating presentation last week by the recently appointed Principal of Templestowe Secondary College, Peter Ellis. Peter and the school have a very different approach to education than we are used to, and we were impressed by the approach and the results that the school have achieved. The role of Principal has changed a lot over the years and it seems Peter has changed it even more! We hope that we can work more closely with the school in the future and that their students can benefit from participating in our excellent Rotary youth programs. We look forward to a close and mutually beneficial relationship with Templestowe College.

The club were delighted to welcome back into the fold, past member Luke Bastian, who was a member of our club for nine years between 1996 to 2004. Luke had a 14 year break from Rotary during which time he worked tirelessly for Scouts Victoria. We welcome him back with open arms and his membership renewal is extra special as he is the first ever Corporate/Organisational member to join our club. Welcome back Luke, Carolyn and Perri!

This week we are very much looking forward to hearing about Rachel Negus and her thirty year acting career, while being interviewed by her father, Rotarian Brian Negus. This should be an extremely interesting presentation, although, will we get the whole story with her father as interviewer?

Next week, Wednesday 27 June 2018 will be our last club meeting of this Rotary year. It is an important meeting as we will be laying plans for the future activities of our club and PE Dan has some information in relation to the Finns Festival review. We hope that all members will be able to attend this important meeting.

Yours in Rotary “Making a Difference”,

Janis McFarland
Club President