Message from our Club President (May 9)

We were very pleased to welcome PP and PE Daryl Moran from RC Rowville/Lysterfield to our club last Wednesday night. Our club has faced a few challenges this year with reduced membership, the loss of the ABCD program and the loss of some fellow members.

Daryl helped us to identify what we value about our club, our strengths and challenges and gave us four options to consider for the future. These four options are of course, are available to all Rotary clubs, not just our club. However it gave us all an opportunity to clarify what we value and what we want to do next year and beyond.

We learned that we like the fellowship and friendships in our club, we love being involved in our community programs and interacting with our community and enjoy making a difference. We also recognised the need to not neglect our personal lives, to ensure we share the Rotary workload fairly and that we communicate effectively together and respect each other. We will need to work smarter rather than harder in the future but we can do that!

For those of you who would like to see our club attract some new members, the Manningham Business Excellence Awards launch breakfast on Tuesday 15 May is a good place to start! This is always a great event and this year will be no different with a presentation by David Parkin to inspire everyone. James Cunningham and I look forward to seeing you there.

This week we are being treated to a presentation by club members Diane and Stephen Fisher, who will give us a firsthand account of their experiences participating in a national immunisation experience in India January 2018, to eradicate polio.

Yours in Rotary “Making a Difference”,

Janis McFarland
Club President