A taste of Dandenong

Wednesday February 20, 2019 A Club Meeting with a difference! John Bennie will 'host' Club members, partners and guests to a night of cultural exchange in the City where he works City of Dandenong - commencing with an overview of this ever changing urban activity centre and moving to a night of Afghan food, culture … Continue reading A taste of Dandenong

We did “pop up” at Heide

A busy, busy weekend  (and it is not over yet). The special Pop Up Cinema event at Heidi on Friday night, supporting the Manningham City Council. Thanks to all who were able to assist and particularly to Michael Mimmo Ken Sharpe and Rod Simkiss and to James Cunningham who created the initiative.

Ratatouille – upcoming film event – no charge

Friday February 8, 2019The Rotary Club of Templestowe will partner with the Manningham Council and Heide Museum of Modern Art to present a “POP UP CINEMA at HEIDE” event on Friday 8th February on site at the Heide Museum. Time: Public Entry from 6.00pm, with the film commencing at sunset. Address: Heide Museum of Modern … Continue reading Ratatouille – upcoming film event – no charge

Andrew Day – CEO, City of Manningham

Wednesday January 23, 2019 As the first hundred days in the role, draws to a close, Andrew Day took up the invitation to address Templestowe Rotary Club and shared some insights into our City, and its management. Our City and its management is vastly more than rates, roads and rubbish. In fact there are over … Continue reading Andrew Day – CEO, City of Manningham

New Year’s resolution?

How about the Ride for Medical Research? Nar Nar Goon to Grantville! (the long way round). Click here for the full website of information. The ride is fully supported with a vehicle crew and riders follow a lead vehicle with a follow vehicle for each riding group.  Riders travel in groups that share the same … Continue reading New Year’s resolution?

Service beyond borders

Imagine a world where there are hundreds of volunteers, working for the benefit of over a 250,000 patients... Peace and prosperity are marked in many ways, and the reach of the health system is one of the markers. Click here for the story of Rajendra (Raja) Saboo and his current challenge to enable a medical … Continue reading Service beyond borders

A conversation with Rosalind McMorrow

Wednesday December 5, 2018 Rotary offers many opportunities to contribute.  The motto 'Service above Self' is an indic ator of the size of the opportunity that exists, for every member, every day. A teacher by training with a passion for English, literature and theology Rosalind took us through the journey of opportunities to contribute.  The … Continue reading A conversation with Rosalind McMorrow

5th December – Rotary – the opportunity for Vocational Service.

Rotary is an organisation that provides its members with extraordinary opportunities to take an idea and create a project that furthers our humanitarian ideals and involves other stakeholders. Polio Plus is one such project at a uniquely global scale. Rosalind’s story, however, shows how an individual can take her teaching skills, couple them with a … Continue reading 5th December – Rotary – the opportunity for Vocational Service.

14 November – Aquabox when water isn’t.

Rotary Aquabox is an 18 year old project of the Rotary Club of Eltham - providing filtered drinking water to people and families where such fundamentals do not exist. East Timor, Sri Lanka, Samoa, Haiti, Pakistan to name just a few locations have all been beneficiaries of the program. Jill Ramsay, President of the Rotary … Continue reading 14 November – Aquabox when water isn’t.

September, and Jamie writes…

New readers to our web site, may like to catch up on Jamie's experiences as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student - we've linked the past blogs to the end of this one. This month was pretty cool, started off with my phone deciding to die and now I’m living off an Iphone 4 (*weeps softly*), … Continue reading September, and Jamie writes…

How did you spend September 21?

It was Peace Day 2018. The United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution in 1981 (sponsored by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica) that created the very first International Day of Peace. Global communities increasingly embraced the UN's idea of greeting neighbors, welcoming strangers and creating a more peaceful world, annually, on September 21st, or World Peace … Continue reading How did you spend September 21?

Shade sails complete. Tick.

February 20, 2019 Our project to provide two shade sails at the Bulleen Heights School is a completed community project! The story is told here, in pictures:                       A key fundraiser for this project is our High Tea to be held on March 31, 2019 … Continue reading Shade sails complete. Tick.

Our club, our direction

Wednesday February 27, 2019 We take the opportunity to set the direction for our club.  Perfect timing as we head into our District conference - the Club Assembly is a time to review the achievements, look to the plans that are ready to be activated and put context and activity into the ideas that now … Continue reading Our club, our direction

Let’s launch….. Football season

Wednesday March 13, 2019 As we head toward another AFL season, we launch our very popular Footy Tipping Competition in conjunction with our cluster Clubs. A 'skilled' AFL judge will give us all the heads up we may need to assist us with our tips in the season ahead. This is a joint meeting with … Continue reading Let’s launch….. Football season

A new way to do charitable giving…

Wednesday March 20, 2019 Microcredit created by Dr Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, has been around since the 1970’s and has offered the ultra-poor a dignified pathway out of poverty. Social Business is a new approach where all profits from a business are used to serve human problems. Dr. Yunus says a Social Business allows the … Continue reading A new way to do charitable giving…

What did you discover?

Sunday, February 17, 2019 The Rotary Exhibition of projects (held adjacent to the Rotary Conference) and located in in the Exhibition Halls - featured a number of projects from across Victoria and more broadly, with some of the programs having a global impact. Featured programs where members of our club were featured included: Smart Digital, … Continue reading What did you discover?

Peace – study opportunities

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is a unique opportunity for Masters level study. The applications are now open, and we are looking for candidates to take up this unique and rare opportunity. The opportunity to catalyze action is best explained by one who has earned and succeeded.  Click here for a two minute explanation of what … Continue reading Peace – study opportunities

Gong xi fa cai

Happy New Year! As we move into the year of the pig - we assisted Manningham City Council with the celebrations to welcome the New Year.  This has increased our activity over the weekend and together with the Pop Up Cinema at Heide, has provided a very busy weekend.    

Are you a pig?

In addition to the Year, there are also elements associated with each year that the Year of the Pig arrives. Year and Element Characteristics 1935, 1995 - Wood Pig People born in a Pig year corresponding to the Wood element are good-natured, lovely, easygoing, and brave. They are able to face difficulties due to their … Continue reading Are you a pig?

Setting the standard, high

Wednesday January 31, 2019 Those who joined us on Wednesday evening learned some key aspects of the principles behind the Youth Protection legislation and the way our club, brings that legislation to life. The confronting message that in 2016/17 there were almost 380,000 cases reported in Australia - over 1,000 per day was a stark … Continue reading Setting the standard, high

Jamie reflects

Wednesday February 6, 2019 At the end of a twelve month exchange to Switzerland, Jamie Bastian listed here highlights as: The understanding and experience of living in another country, not just visiting, but living in. Becoming fluent in German Skiing at Nendez Experiencing the Swiss traditional end of winter celebration Visiting the biggest theme park … Continue reading Jamie reflects

Living the dream to eradicate polio

February 9, 2019   Dr. Ujala Nayyar dreams, both figuratively and literally, about a world that is free from polio. Nayyar, the World Health Organization's surveillance officer in Pakistan’s Punjab province, says she often imagines the outcome of her work in her sleep. In her waking life, she leads a team of health workers who … Continue reading Living the dream to eradicate polio

Date for your diary February 19

Find a comfortable chair, a warm beverage and sit back and listen to 96.5 Inner FM on Tuesday February 19, 2019 between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Jamie Bastian will be the guest of the radio hosts with an interview about her recently completed year in Switzerland. For a preview of the topics for discussion … Continue reading Date for your diary February 19

Together we inspire, connect, transform

February 15 - 17, 2019 February is almost upon us, and if you haven't done so, NOW is the time to book for our (almost) Victoria wide Rotary Conference. February 15 to February 17 2019 will see the first multi-district Rotary Conference, hosted in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Here's the link to the … Continue reading Together we inspire, connect, transform

Another $2k and we helped others, too

January 30, 2019 Our project to provide two shade sails at the Bulleen Heights School received a further boost recently when we raised almost $2,000.00 ($1,890.00 to be precise) with our efforts helping the Rotary Club of Ballarat, to sell their raffle tickets. Tickets sold by our club, meant that we could keep the fundraising … Continue reading Another $2k and we helped others, too

Stephanie Urchick – Director

Monday February 18, 2019 Stephanie is the CEO/Executive Director   of   the   Southpointe   CEO   Association located in southwest Pennsylvania, and a partner and Chief Operating Officer of Doctors At Work LLC, a consulting and training company aimed at assisting businesses and individuals with leadership development, communication, and customer service. Stephanie became the first ATHENA Award recipient … Continue reading Stephanie Urchick – Director

Protecting our children, the best.

Wednesday January 30, 2019 Service Clubs - along with other organisations that come in contact, or work with children - need to get this right! 'Right' as community leaders, demonstrating how such important relationships should be managed but 'right' as well, to comply with legislation; to comply with a child's fundamental rights; and to protect … Continue reading Protecting our children, the best.